Canadian Teacher Allegedly Tells Student to Lick Her Where She Farts

Canadian Teacher Allegedly Tells Student To Lick Her Where She Farts
Sometimes biology can be gross, kids.

According to 24 Hours Toronto, an English teacher at Dunnville Secondary School is on the naughty list again after she allegedly looked at one of her students and said, “Why don’t you lick me where I fart?”

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Jennifer Elizabeth Green-Johnson has too many names, and she has also been making too many trips in front of the disciplinary board lately thanks to behavior such as telling a student to lick her asshole. Well, at least we’re pretty sure that’s where she was referring to.

Green-Johnson has also been in trouble recently for slapping a student on the head, calling him an idiot and telling him to “grow some balls.” She also allegedly called another student a “bloody pedophile” and told another that she looked like a “frumpy old lady.”

She’s also been accused of calling her students stupid, idiots, gay and of course, “a bitch.” She has been suspended without pay, so in the meantime, she’ll have to find somebody else to lick her where she farts.