Drug Dealer Busted after Posting Instagram Pics of Him Living the Good Life

Let’s just stick to putting our meals and Starbucks coffees on Instagram for the time being. At least that is what the idiot below should have done.


Levi Watson, a 29-year-old English dude, kept telling police that he wasn’t dabbling in the drug game because he was broke as all hell. So West Midlands police did something we can all do: They checked his Instagram. Police found tons of photos of Watson bathing in cash, as well as him with a bunch of expensive stuff like Rolexes and boats.

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 1.03.40 PM

Oh, and it gets worse for Watson. One of this captions on a picture was this: “When your sitting on over quarter of a million but you tell them it’s pennies.”

Good going, dude.

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“Hopefully the memory of his cash-filled bath and pink champagne will keep him warm at night while he spends the next seven years behind bars,” West Midlands crime commissioner David Jamieson said.

But it seems like Watson doesn’t care about being locked up, as this is what he said the next day after his sentencing: “They gave me Shmurda years, I smiled at the judge when he said 7.”

drugs3The Wolverhampton drugs ring Watson was part of was collectively sentenced to 130 years in prison for conspiracy to supply heroin and cocaine.

And Watson was brought down by his own damn Instagram.