Footage Shows ‘Refugees’ Arriving On Beach Confronted By Angry Racist

A lovely day at the beach was interrupted when two refugees washed up on the English shore in a dinghy, and one fed up racist made a scene. The pair is seen paddling towards the coast and cheering “England!” as they had finally made it to their destination to seek asylum. Right away, one man stood up and jetted over to confront them. Before the refugees could even get out of their boat, the man was yelling at them.


He pushed their dinghy back into the water, trying everything to prevent them from getting into his country. He began to push the two down into the water, calling for his fellow Brits to help him, but nobody came. Instead, a woman finally intervened telling the guy to let them in to the country.

A man got heated and extremely racist on an British beach when two refugees arrived in a dinghy, but the confrontation wasn’t what it seemed. “They are human beings,” said one beachgoer. “God created them and you.” Finally, the cameraman told the woman who initially defended the refugees that it was all a prank. The riled-up crowd was relieved to know that the participants were all actors.

Troll Station was responsible for the social experiment, wanting to see how fellow Brits would react to the man’s racism. Thankfully, their actions restored total faith in humanity. In a time where racism is common, it’s nice to know there are people out there who have their heads on straight.