Man Arrested for Theft Gets Released from Jail and Then Gets Arrested for Theft Again Five Minutes Later

Either the chicken noodle soup at this police station is to die for, or this guy is just a goddamn idiot.

According to CBS New York, police in Wayne Township arrested a 38-year-old New Jersey man earlier this week, booked him at the cop shop, released him back onto the streets and then…wait for it…arrested him again five minutes later for stealing more shit.


Police said they initially ran into Darryl Williamson when they “responded to a report of someone throwing a brick and then kicking out a window of a car at the Willow Brook Mall bus station and stealing items from the vehicle.” When they arrived on the scene, they found “a woman’s purse as well as two full glassine bags of heroin and two empty glassine bags of suspected heroin” in Williamson’s possession, so they booked him on drug, theft and burglary of a motor vehicle charges at police headquarters.

They released him back onto the streets a short while later, but his newfound freedom would be short-lived, as officers watched as he walked 75 yards from the police station, broke into a parked Jeep and stole three articles of clothing valued at $112. He was once again arrested and booked on new charges of theft and burglary of a motor vehicle.

No word what Williamson has in store for an encore, but running for mayor now seems like quite a long shot.