Man Tries to Break into U-haul Truck as It Cruises down the Highway

Drugs will make you do crazy shit. Some people take drugs and then devour the face off of another human being. Others take drugs and begin masturbating furiously inside a fast food restaurant. And still others take drugs, get naked, walk into an elderly woman’s house, get chased out and then fall off of a cliff.

But this guy, who is presumably on some kind of drugs, is a trendsetter. I mean, never before have we seen a guy attempt to steal shit out of the back of a U-Haul truck that’s cruising down the highway at 60 MPH.

Let’s see how that turned out for him:

Wow. For a second there, we thought it might have been Ving Rhames’ stunt double on the set of the latest “Mission Impossible” flick, but then we remembered that his character Luther Stickell only works miracles on computers.

Anyway, hopefully before that truck came to a stop, that guy rummaged through those boxes until he found a new pair of pants because odds are somewhere along the way, the ones he was wearing became soiled.