This Teacher Who Was Fired For Sleeping With A Student Is Now A Stripper

What happens when your teaching career is thrown into ruin because of a tryst with a student? Well, for Mary Beth Haglin, it meant becoming a stripper. Haglin was fired in June, and charged with misdemeanour sexual exploitation, after her relationship with a pupil came to light. The former educator had sex hundreds of times with the boy, in a relationship that lasted from October 2015 to June 2016.


Ordered to stay away from her former lover until her trial on November 14th, Haglin has already come under fire from the authorities, after flouting the rules. Now earning her keep as a stripper, Haglin was caught speaking to the boy by CrimeWatchDaily.

Mary Beth Haglin was fired as a teacher for indulging in a nine month relationship with a student. Banned from seeing the boy until her trial, Haglin broke the rules and met him at the place where she works… as a stripper.

Haglin and the boy spoke to for around 30 minutes in the strip joint, before she was confronted by TV cameras. Visibly panicked, she said: “There’s a court order that says that I can’t have any contact with him. So regardless of how I felt, I wouldn’t want to see him.”

Of course, Haglin had been well and truly rumbled. When asked about her feelings for her former student, she had this to say: “You have to remember, when [the relationship] was all happening, I didn’t see him as a student. I saw it as a real relationship. When I was, essentially, dating a student.”

Haglin is in some very hot water. If convicted, she faces up to two years behind bars. On top of that, she’d have to register as a sex offender for 10 years! All that for a fumble with a teenager; I for one can’t imagine that she’ll look back on it fondly in a decade or so…