10 Real Stories Of Bullying – thuglifer.com

Bullying is formally defined as ‘intentionally aggressive behavior, whether verbal, social or physical aimed towards a specific person or group of people’. According to US DHHS statistics, 1 in 3 students say they have been bullied at school. We have probably faced bullying at least once in our live

10 Horrifying Hospitals You Never Want To Stay In – thuglifer.com

10 Horrifying Hospitals You Never Want To Stay In – thuglifer.com

Hospitals are, by and large, pretty creepy. After all, you’re talking about big, sterile, labyrinthine structures where people often go to die. And that’s just actual medical hospitals. We haven’t even touched the insane creepiness of mental hospitals, which kick things up two or three notches based

10 Of The Most Amazing 911 Calls Made By Kids – thuglifer.com

At an early age, we have been taught by our elders, whether they are parents, grandparents or family friends, to call 9-11 in case of emergency. Thankfully, most of us didn’t probably didn’t encounter such dire situations for the need to call 9-11, but there have been cases of children call

10 Unsettling Facts About Death Row – thuglifer.com

Ever since the story of Cain and Abel, man has been killing off each other in the most violent and horrific ways imaginable. We create entire new methods to kill off our own kind. When it is not sanctioned, however, these killers are considered the worst-of-the-worst criminals who are often sentence

10 Incredible Pictures Taken By Daredevils – thuglifer.com

Ever feel a little bummed out about your boring job? Perhaps it’s time to mix things up with a little daredevil activities. These extreme adventurists don’t believe anything is too hard to climb. OK, so perhaps there’s no realistic chance that you’ll ever attempt to climb a tower over 100 stories hi

10 Of The Most Expensive Gifts Of All Time – thuglifer.com

Most people look at buying gifts as a burden, because there is always a problem that the other person may not like your idea. There are only three ways to ensure that your gift works. You either make the gift yourself using your creative prowess, or you purchase something personal that you are sure