10 Serial Killers Who Escaped From Custody – thuglifer.com

Murder is easily one of the most terrifying crimes that one human can commit against another. So it’s understandable that murderers should be securely locked away in prison. Yet sometimes these people do get out. And while not all of them were serial killers before they broke out, they certainly wer

10 Insane Weapons That Are Legal To Own – thuglifer.com

While it’s understandable for people to own certain guns, like a handgun to protect their family and hunting guns to shoot animals, some don’t make sense. There are actual weapons people can buy that can cause serious, over-the-top damage. When used, there will obviously need to be a good c

10 Shocking Cases Of Babysitters From Hell – thuglifer.com

10 Shocking Cases Of Babysitters From Hell – thuglifer.com

Finding the right person to take care of your kids can prove to be quite a task, especially as there is a rising number of crazy people around trying to kidnap kids. The parents have to feel confident that the person who is going to be look after their child or children is the right for the job, oth

10 Crazy Tales About Daring Bank Robbers – thuglifer.com

Ever wondered what it’d be like to rob a bank? It’s okay. We have, too. Of course, most of us will never plan the perfect heist and make off with stacks of cash, and that’s okay because bank robbery is kind of illegal. However, the folks on this list didn’t care about one particular commandment and

10 Crime Stories With Strange Coincidences – thuglifer.com

A coincidence is defined as a series of events and circumstances which seemingly have no apparent connection to each other, but wind up being related by pure chance. Whenever a mysterious crime takes place, investigators will attempt to solve it by piecing together the events and circumstances surro