Jilted Lover Finds Out Her Man Is Cheating And Gives His $130,000 Range Rover A Nice Little Makeover – thuglifer.com

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You know what’s worse than getting cheated on? Getting cheated on and having to pay to get the bright-red spray paint removed on your exes $130,000 Range Rover. The ol’ double whammy.

The owner of the Range Rover, who lives in London, reportedly walked out of the luxury department store Harrod’s red-faced with glasses on to veil his identity after the phrases “I hope she was worth it!,” “Cheater” and “It’s over” was spray painted all over the luxury vehicle.

Did the dude deserve it? Depends what you classify to be cheating. If we’re talking about flirtatiously texting a girl from work, I’d chalk that up to a moment of weakness punishable by a good tongue lashing and an expensive makeup dinner. No spray paint necessary. If we’re talking about finding a used condom or sliding into DMs like a creep, the dude evidently has an unquenchable thirst and probably wouldn’t hesitate to fuck his girl’s sister. Then maybe it’s warranted.