10 Millionaires Who Committed Murder – thuglifer.com

Not everyone is preoccupied with becoming rich, but few would turn it down. It’s hard to imagine how not having to worry about money could possibly be bad (to quote Forrest Gump: “One less thing”), and most of us can’t help but be a little jealous of those whose lifestyles we can only daydream about

10 Laws That Everyone Breaks Without Realizing – thuglifer.com

Most people try to live their lives as productive members of society who obey the laws of the land and try not to cause any problems. In fact, the vast majority of the public will purposely go out of their way to ensure that they don’t fall foul of any rules and don’t put themselves in a position wh

10 Insane Weapons That Are Legal To Own – thuglifer.com

While it’s understandable for people to own certain guns, like a handgun to protect their family and hunting guns to shoot animals, some don’t make sense. There are actual weapons people can buy that can cause serious, over-the-top damage. When used, there will obviously need to be a good c

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Ever feel a little bummed out about your boring job? Perhaps it’s time to mix things up with a little daredevil activities. These extreme adventurists don’t believe anything is too hard to climb. OK, so perhaps there’s no realistic chance that you’ll ever attempt to climb a tower over 100 stories hi

10 Horrifying Hospitals You Never Want To Stay In – thuglifer.com

10 Horrifying Hospitals You Never Want To Stay In – thuglifer.com

Hospitals are, by and large, pretty creepy. After all, you’re talking about big, sterile, labyrinthine structures where people often go to die. And that’s just actual medical hospitals. We haven’t even touched the insane creepiness of mental hospitals, which kick things up two or three notches based

10 Horrible Crimes Attributed To Gaming – thuglifer.com

A lot of people will claim video games are a leading cause of violence in today’s world, and while there is a lot of research pointing towards the complete opposite, mainstream media likes to point fingers as soon as something goes wrong. While the effect video games have on an individual is debatab

10 Hilarious Signs That Got Lost In Translation – thuglifer.com

In China and many countries in the great oriental east, there are tonnes of hilarious signs that got lost in translation. These signs are haphazardly translated into English, creating funny signs with ambiguous and double meanings. We call these ‘Engrish’ signs, or signs that use gramm