Pranksters Interrupt Hurricane Matthew Coverage To Yell About Harambe –

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Hurricane Matthew has already claimed hundreds of lives in Haiti, and now it’s finally made its way to the US. The category four storm has forced the closure of Walt Disney World for only the fourth time in the theme park’s history, and millions have been evacuated from their coastal homes to safer ground.


All except, as it would appear, unfortunate weather reporters. If that wasn’t bad enough, the poor reporters also have to deal with the crazies that have decided not to evacuate the area to make way for the potentially deadly storm.

Case in point: two rogue men noticed local West Palm Beach weather reporter Farron Salley braving the incoming storm with a live weather update, and decided to go share their thoughts on the news of day.


As is often the case with live TV reports, things didn’t go exactly as you’d think. But then, what do you expect from a pair of guys who decided to stay behind to experience one of the worst storms to hit the US in over a decade?

A couple of nutters have ruined a live TV broadcast, just to shout about the world’s most famous gorilla. The two pranksters clearly didn’t think the storm itself was newsworthy, with the pair instead deciding to show their support for Cincinnati zoo’s most famous gorilla by yelling: “Dicks out for Harambe! Dicks out for Harambe!”

In response, a news reporter, who was safe and dry back in the studio, said: “We think we have a little indication as to who those guys are if they are out in this storm.”