RUSSIAN RAMPAGE Vladimir Putin to send Russia’s largest warship to Syria to destroy ISIS once and for all –

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VLADIMIR Putin is to send Russia’s largest battleship to Syria in a bid to crush ISIS once and for all.

The Russian president is to dispatch the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier plus 30 jet fighters and attack helicopters to the war-torn country in an attempt to destroy the terror group for good.

The Kremlin strongman’s decision came in the wake of ISIS atrocities in Bangladesh – where it murdered 20 hostages in a restaurant in the capital Dhaka – and Baghdad, Iraq, where a car bomb killed 125 shoppers.

Authorised attack … Vladimir Putin gives permission for the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier to launch attack on ISIS forces
Heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov"
End ISIS once and for all … Russia to launch attack on jihadis

The 55,000 tonne ship will be deployed in the region from October until January, a military source informed TASS.

The Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier The Northern Fleet ships returning home

Admiral Kuznetsov … 55,000 tonne ship will be deployed in the Med from October until January

The vessel is expected to arrive in the Med this Autumn, where it will liaise with land-based Russian forces already deployed in the region.

The Admiral Kuznetsov will be packed with warplanes and attack choppers.