Student Sues School After Teacher Trades Xbox For Sex –

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Somehow a substitute teacher had enough money to shell out Xbox’s and other gifts to the students she was allegedly having sex with.

Michelle Yeh was a substitute teacher at San Pedro High School when she allegedly had sex with two minors and molested two others. Currently in the process of fulfilling her four-year jail sentence.

“Soon after contacting him, the boy said she took him to the movies, tried to hold his hand and gave him $20. A week later she bought him an Xbox 360 and then made her first sexual advance.”

Student Sues School After Teacher Trades Xbox For Sex –

He said: ‘She started rubbing my face, calling me cute, handsome. She started kissing me and from there we had sex.’

According to the unnamed boy this continued for several months; Yeh and the boy would meet, then “eat, go somewhere, come back, have sex.” It is alleged that Yeh also gave the boy alcohol, marijuana and Xanax prior to having sex.

As for the lawsuit, he claims “school officials failed to investigate claims Yeh was grooming teenage boys”: