Woman Has Job Offer Revoked After Company Dig Up Old ‘Lesbian’ Photo On Instagram – thuglifer.com

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Social media might seem harmless and fun to most of us, but it can be really dangerous in so many ways. One of the those ways, is when it comes to looking for a new job. Companies often do background checks using social media monitoring software on potential new employees, which means going through their social media accounts to make sure they don’t brag about snorting lines on Instagram, or wax lyrical about their penchant for devouring human flesh on Twitter. While both of those extreme examples are more than enough to make you lose your dream job, your sexual orientation is not. Shockingly however, this is exactly what happened to Samantha Chirichella, 26, when she was subject to wrongful termination discrimination.

Woman Has Job Offer Revoked After Company Dig Up Old Lesbian’ Photo On Instagram

Three years ago Samantha posed in a lesbian scene with her bare breast out for an art exhibit. Proud of the photography skills of her friend, she posted the image to Instagram – which is where energy company Con Ed found it. The photo itself is of two nude women nibbling at each other’s naked breasts. It was displayed at an art show featuring the photography of one of Samantha’s friends. After flagging up the image in one of their background checks, Con Ed withdrew Samantha’s job offer. Maybe she should have kept it for herself and sold it on an art and photography website… As you’d expect, Samantha is fighting the decision in court, and filed papers to Manhattan Supreme Court. Her argument is that the image is art, and not porn – claiming that Con Ed withdrew the job offer because of her sexual orientation, which is of course absolutely outrageous in 2016.

Woman Has Job Offer Revoked After Company Dig Up Old Lesbian’ Photo On Instagram

Samantha’s lawyer for employment discrimination, Arthur Schwartz, said in the court papers: “The work was no more sexually explicit than the works of DaVinci, Titian or Michaelangelo, and less explicit than photos published in Sports Illustrated.” Since Samantha went to court, a Con Ed spokesman has admitted that the company are reviewing the incident. I’m not sure how long it will take for them to realise that they are totally and utterly in the wrong.