You Apparently Can Get a Woman Pregnant Through Anal Sex after All –

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According to Metro, a urologist in Atlantic City, New Jersey, recently revealed that he once treated a female patient while he was in medical school who pulled off the rare feat of getting knocked up after she had anal sex.

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Dr. Brian Steixner at the Jersey Urology Group said the woman suffered from a rare condition known as “cloacal malformation,” where the rectum, vagina and urethra fail to separate into their own tubes and are all connected as a result.

And if you’re wondering if that means that everything exits out of the same pipe, you are correct, as it all drains into “one channel” and “opens where the anus is located.”

anal sex can actually get you pregnant
Despite the fact that the woman had an operation to correct the issue when she was younger, Steixner said she was still able to get pregnant from anal sex because a tiny hole or fistula had formed during the surgery that still connected the organs. However, he was happy to report that both she and her baby were fine after a C-section was performed.

The good and far less disgusting news surrounding cloacal malformation? You guessed it: It only affects one out of every 50,000 people, so odds are you’re going to be OK if the two-hole is your preferred route.